Welcome to LeMars Sportsman's Club

grayscale photography ofperson holding gun

Mission and Goals

-To develop and promote efforts that are beneficial to the conservation of natural resources and the protection and preservation of wildlife. 
-To provide leadership in creating and supporting innovative ideas, policies, and other projects that conform with the views of those interested in hunting, fishing, target shooting and other related outdoor activities.
-To assist area youth with the means to enjoy and respect the outdoors through education, encouragement, and involvement.
- To provide club members various forms of social interaction throughout the year.

Goals and Objectives
-To actively engage in various fundraising activities to support our mission and to provide a clean, comfortable club facility that members and their guests can use and enjoy for meetings and other social events.
-To operate and maintain a modern trapshooting facility in a wholesome atmosphere that is conducive to social comradeship and friendly competition and is safe and affordable to club members, their guests, and the public.